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Much to our regret and for reasons beyond our control it has become necessary to postpone our bookings in Helmond and Porto. These are not cancellations, however we realise what a huge inconvenience this is to those who have planned their trip to either event, and we would like to offer our sincere apologies and an explanation.

We budgeted for a series of dates, a minimum of 5 but hoping for more. But due to the repercussions of the pandemic our expected shows in Norway and Japan fell through. The Punkt festival, which we were to perform at, felt it necessary to keep their bookings mostly local in case of a surge in covid. And we were informed by our Japanese event organisers that the covid situation is still too tricky to read and therefore too risky. Despite seeing so many events kicking off all over the world, we’ve unfortunately been hampered by circumstances still affected by the pandemic. We have been attempting to secure more dates in the hope that we wouldn’t have to postpone. But somewhat ironically, it seems that the surge of artists to perform live again has made that difficult to achieve.

The costs associated with rehearsals and employing staff and musicians are simply too high to be funded by just 2 concerts. Therefore we must move our dates to a period where more elements are in place and we have a shot at performing enough shows.

As a band we do not seek the backing of a label or tour promoter or any sort of crowd funding. We prefer to remain as self-sufficient as possible and function on the peripheries of the music business. With that comes certain drawbacks – and this is one of them.

We hope for your understanding and sincerely apologise for what is an enormous disappointment for us all. The venues are willing to refund tickets. However, we of course hope you will hold out for the eventual dates once they are fixed. But as we understand it, Casa da Música in Porto will refund tickets by default and will announce a new date later. We shall be looking forward to performing material from both our previous and upcoming new album.


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